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Date night with yourself

as much as I love going out with others, I do really enjoy some me time. no fancy clothes no stress just me, some blog editing and a cup of hot chocolate milk

Me,reading a book on my bed with a cup of tea

So in this post I’ll give you guys 5 tips to have the best night-in

first of all – comfy clothes, and this one is so important ! put on your favorite pajama [my tip : the childish the better ]

beauty masks ON- put your favorite mask, that could be great opportunity to thank your skin & soul.

chocolate milk- if you don’t have chocolate powder all you need to do is take a spoon full of nutella and 1\2 glass milk, put it in your micro for 1 minute and that’s it!

make a bucket list- I love making those kinda lists, that’s helps me focus on what I need to do, what I want to do and every time I do something in that list I just feel so good about myself the whole day


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