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How to online shopping

online shopping can be the best thing and the most horrible thing, in one hand, it’s easy and you have an access to every item in the world but in the other hand you can be fooled by tones of people that try to take your money.

so here’s some tips to buy safely on the Internet:

check reviews,  but be careful because sometimes people get paid just to say a good review about the item or the seller.

Don’t buy basic things, I mean, if you want to buy like a basic t shirt or something I think it makes more sense to buy it in a store near your house because you wouldn’t have to wait until the delivery will arrive.

“complicated” clothes, I know it’s hard sometimes but if you want to buy a cheap prom dress with cutouts and lace I suggest you to think again because in this kind of items you really need to see if it fits good.

don’t overbuy, I have this kind of problem… and in the internet especially it’s really easy to overbuy because you can’t see the money actually leaves your pocket and you feel like you’re not wasting it.

Buy all of your thing in one order, we all know that sometimes the delivery can be so expensive so try to buy all of your items in one order, I mean, don’t buy 3 shirts and 5 days later buy 2 pants in the same website.

I hope I help you figure online shopping  better, see ya in the next post

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