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My Room Fall Decor DIY step 1-fairy lights

Fall is my favorite season and every year I décor my room to be cozy and warm for it so in this post I’ll try to get you inspired with my ideas (all of them are with fairy lights because I’m a little obsessed…)

First of all and probably most important the bed- I tried to stick with darker colors but I haven’t gone fall shopping yet so I just worked with what I had in my house. I always encourage you to START by using what you have and don’t wait for your perfect things to arrive. my suggestion colors are : dark red, burnt orange, and the other basic color that fits almost everything, black grey and white.

as you can see what I had to work with were white, gray and shades of pink. for now its enough, with the fairy lights, but when I will finish style my room I will show you the final result.

 Pro tip – more pillows more fun (:


Put your favorite fall items around your room

It’s easier to take and it add a tone of style

candles, are my favorite part of fall they keep me warm, light up my room and make everything much more fall vibe

I put some regular candles in coffee seeds (inspired by Meredith Foster’s DIY video I really recommend watching it)

So that is everything for this post

see ya

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